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Grow Your Brand Through Your Thought Leadership

Your journey as a thought leader — just as your journey as a person — includes several stages. Like the emergence from acorn to oak tree, your brand growth begins as a seedling and becomes a stout forest.

That growth starts with the Rootstock essentials, which serve as your Seeds & Shoots. From there, we’ll guide your thought leadership journey in a bespoke direction based on your individual strategic needs and personal and business goals.

Your Position, Strategy, and the Plan That Puts Them to Work

Seeds & Shoots

These three elements are the bedrock of your brand’s success. Feel you already have them down? As part of our discovery period, we’ll take a look and advise on next steps accordingly.
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How Will Your Brand Grow?

Growth & Cultivation

Packages custom designed according to your Thought Leadership Strategy, adding or subtracting elements as we grow your brand.
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The Bounty of Your Brand… and a Lasting Legacy Beyond.

Harvest & Propagation

When you’re ready, these packages can take you to the next level of your leadership journey.
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From Strategy to Execution

Story. Strategy. Sharing. All in One Team.

Brand growth takes exhaustive time, talent, and tenacity from both visionaries and executors. You deserve a unified combination dedicated to your brand’s success — all in one place.

Rootstock has partnered with Classic City Consulting to provide just that.

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How Far Can

Your Best Thinking

Take Your Brand?