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Our Identity

Our work cultivates professional, personal, and brand growth for smart leaders who have bold visions and ambitions for themselves and their organizations.

Who Is Rootstock?

A team of consultants rooted in the convergence of strategic storytelling and business acumen, we connect with innovative organizations on their most human level in an ever more automated world. Together, we develop and deploy thought leadership and brand growth campaigns that scale our clients’ reach and reputations beyond existing practice and networks.

With learned understanding, we tap into the potential of our client’s best thinking to hone their stories, expand their target audiences, and drive new business.

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Our Clients

At Rootstock, we’re excited to be engaged with morally-minded organizations willing to trust our process and our collective expertise, utilizing high-touch leadership thinking strategies rather than spray-and-pray tactics.

In general, we work with young (but not brand-new) organizations who have developed their identity enough to have confidence in their stance, but want to think deeply about expanding beyond their existing network and carefully consider where they’re going next. Our clients are willing to take new risks and listen to our strategic guidance regarding how to do so.  

We engage only with companies and individuals who practice reciprocal respect and kindness — no exceptions. 

Equally important, while we’re happy to craft a mutually beneficial scope of work that suits your actual needs, we don’t haggle over the value of our thinking and work.

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-Diversity of identity, experience, and perspective, all of which inform us as we seek to navigate our work and world with morality and grace.



-The discipline of deep critical thinking.
-The art of writing well.
-Thoughtful listening and creative problem solving that helps good people grow good businesses.



-Kindness and authenticity in our connections.
-Tenacious excellence in our craft.
-Curiosity in our conversations.
-Patience, generosity, candor, and healthy boundaries.

Are we each other’s people?

Let’s find out.

Our Team

Ryan Klee

Ryan Klee

Partner and Lead Strategist at Rootstock, Ryan is a true believer in the powers of authentic connections, strategic storytelling, curiosity, and mutually beneficial collaborations. After graduating from the University of Florida with a BS in Telecommunications, Ryan honed his PR, marketing, and business strategy and development skills over nearly 15 years at some of Atlanta’s best marketing agencies and the world’s leading online boating marketplace.


Turns out, this constantly curious, challenge-seeking, lifelong lover of learning, words, and stories was also an entrepreneur at heart. His extroverted nature, communications skills, natural inclination for collaboration, and desire to impact others meld into the perfect combination to help entrepreneurs and smart, ambitious organizations build and tell their stories in order to grow their businesses. Ryan lives in Decatur, GA.

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Terra Elan McVoy

Terra Elan McVoy

Rootstock’s Editor & Chief of Staff, Terra is a creative, problem-solving, process-oriented people-person who also has a knack for great storytelling and wordsmithing. She uses her combined experience in the fields of project and team management, event programming, customer service, teaching, and professional writing and editing to develop strong teams and systems, create exceptional meetings and events, humanely troubleshoot challenges of all kinds, and both write and shape great content. (She is also the award-winning author of eight novels for young adults.)


The former manager of Little Shop of Stories, and former Assistant Program Director (and then Program Director) of the AJC Decatur Book Festival, Terra has a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from Florida State University, and an Honors BA in Creative Writing from St. Andrews University. She lives in Decatur, GA with her sweetheart, Rob.

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Lindsey Duvall

As Rootstock’s Strategic Coordinator, Lindsey is the person who will reliably get whatever needs doing done, and done well. She has a passion for getting to know people, which is imperative when it comes to effective and efficient project management, quality meeting notes, spectacular event coordinating, and all the other high-touch tasks that Lindsey handles for us and our clients. By truly getting to know the needs of others, and the way that they run their businesses, she’s empowered to  anticipate things that they may not have even thought of themselves. Understanding people and what motivates them is inherent to Lindsey’s ability to also help them solve problems with efficiency, excellence, and an exceptional sense of humor.


Having navigated a successful career in hospitality and financial services makes Lindsey adept at ensuring multiple cross-functional teams meet strategic planning-related timelines and deliverables effectively and efficiently. Lindsey has an Associate Degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management with a specialization certification as an Event Specialist. She lives in her little home town of Greensboro, GA located in the beautiful Lake Oconee area.

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