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More of what we’ve done for our clients.

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3 Owl

After surviving and even thriving through the depths of the 2020 pandemic, 3 Owl leapt boldly forward in 2021 with big revenue gains; steady LinkedIn audience growth; a featured speaking appearance at the 2021 WP Engine Summit; the conceptualization, development, and production of founder David Feldman’s (now bestselling) book, Small By Design; and a new minority ownership investment.

In 2021, Rootstock collaborated with 3 Owl to produce five Forbes Agency Council articles and two in-depth Torque magazine articles, one bestselling business book, several thought leadership pieces from other team members, and consultation on their new website. Social media also increased by 296 followers and gained a 5.84% engagement rate.

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How can we help your brand soar?

“Rootstock’s guidance kept me calm, focused, and energized. And all of that amazing thinking has informed so much more, like high-value content for my agency, future speaking engagements, talk tracks, and new relationships.”

David Feldman

Founder &Director of 3 Owl

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In 2021, 7Factor rocketed forward with huge revenue gains, more than 2x employee growth, and ambitious thought leadership pieces that articulated founder Jeremy Duvall’s best thinking, while open-sourcing 7Factor’s unique generative culture of quality and grace.


Consistent and continual engagement with Rootstock along the way resulted in a revised brand messaging guide, eight awards, six Forbes articles, six case studies, and one white paper, among other blog and thought leadership content. LinkedIn following grew by 81.5%, and Duvall presented at three speaking engagements while also serving as a guest contributor to national podcasts and articles.

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How can we help you expand exponentially?

“It’s 100 times more crucial that we have good thought leadership and material out there . . . to allow me to win more deals. We also now have double the engagement metrics on LinkedIn over our major competitor (despite their 148K more followers). That speaks to the quality of our messaging, and is something to be proud of.”

Jeremy Duvall

Founder & CEO of 7Factor

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As a burgeoning Change Marketing™ company led by Neil Bedwell, LOCAL utilized 2021 as an opportunity to expand awareness of both their company culture and Bedwell’s thought leadership. Engagement with Rootstock resulted in four Forbes articles, extensive press around the opening of their headquarters — the Be Nice House — four major speaking gigs, three national awards, and continued social media growth and increased engagement — nearly a doubling of their social media engagement.

How can we grow your national reputation?

As a growing company working in the innovative fields of change, transformation, and the future of work, we knew that thought leadership was an essential part of our PR and communications tool box. And that we needed a partner we could trust to articulate, leverage, and promote our best ideas. The Rootstock team’s strategic, thoughtful approach to thought leadership helped us tell our Change Marketing™ story to the right audiences over and over, building awareness and driving brand growth as we notched major accomplishments, including doubling in size over a 12 month period and growing fast enough to make the prestigious Inc. 5000 list.

Andrew Osterday

Partner & Chief Strategy Officer of LOCAL