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Accessibility Statement

Our Commitment to Accessibility

Rootstock is committed to the accessibility of our websites and electronic communications.

Below are just some of the steps we are taking to ensure the accessibility of our materials.

  • All image elements (non-background images) will contain appropriate and descriptive alternative text.
  • Form elements will be properly labeled.
  • Headings will be properly labeled with descriptive titles throughout the site.
  • Maintain the hierarchy of headings to denote main and subsequent content.
  • All areas of the website will be operable by keyboard strokes.
  • Foreground/background color schemes, combined with text styling, will provide adequate contrast for readability according to WCAG AA standards or better.
  • Links and buttons will contain meaningful text and/or ARIA labels for screen readers.
  • Skip links are provided to bypass repetitive navigation links.
  • Non-decorative text will be resizable by the browser settings.
  • Responsive layout adjusts to all screen sizes.
  • Multimedia (video or audio clips) will be closed captioned and/or described.

To find and address any potential issues, we have employed both manual testing and automated accessibility scan tools. Any potential issues were followed up with manual review, to ensure the accessibility of the website.

If you experience any issues with the website, please let us know, as it is important to our team that we address and resolve any accessibility concerns as soon as possible.