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What Is the Full Power of Your Best Thinking?

Rootstock consults with small-to-mid-sized company founders, CEOs, and other ambitious entrepreneurs to deepen, clarify, express, and amplify their thinking — elevating them as thought leaders in their fields and grounding the growth of their brands in their best ideas.

Thought Leadership Consulting Grows Brands

Our work cultivates professional, personal, and brand growth for smart leaders who have bold visions and ambitions for themselves and their organizations

How We Nurture Your Best Thinking to Help You Flourish

Our multi-tiered approach includes a custom combination of these three pillars, uniquely applied to your needs.

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& Story

What area of your industry are you best positioned to address with elevated standards for exceptional practice and craft? How can you boldly lead your field forward?

Through a collaborative discovery process, we identify the most promising opportunities for your expertise and vision to drive growth, then plan a strategy, craft your foundational brand story, and codify the messaging to most effectively promote your thinking.

Strategize Your Story
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Conversations & Content

Visionary ideas don’t thrive in isolation. Thought leadership is refined in conversations.

We listen to you carefully and reflect back what we hear, asking the critical questions to sharpen and clarify your thinking. Then we collaborate with you — as ghostwriters, editors, consultants, and coaches — to craft the right content ecosystem to support your strategy: books, articles, talks and presentations, case studies, plus other key editorial and narrative content.

Develop Your Best Thinking
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Connections & Clout

Thought leadership is a courtship of other minds: an authentic intellectual relationship with the clients, partners, media gatekeepers, and industry leaders who will help you grow.

We facilitate key connections to support your thought leadership strategy, cultivating meaningful conversations that open new opportunities for growth. By targeting high-profile speaking engagements, media coverage, national awards, and expert connections, we nurture your network while enhancing your clout.

Cultivate Your Influence

How can Rootstock help harvest the bounty of your best ideas?

What Our Clients & Partners Say:

“My best advice? Take theirs”

“I’ve benefited from working with Tom, Terra, and Ryan for many years. My best advice? Take theirs.
The Rootstock team offers the unique and powerful combination of on-point strategic consultation to help guide your next moves, alongside the editorial and media chops to ensure your message is received as intended.
Be good to your business and hire Rootstock.”
Mike Killeen
Vice President, Marketing/Partner at Lenz, Inc.

“Good thought leadership . . . wins more deals.”

“It’s 100 times more crucial that we have good thought leadership and material out there . . . to allow me to win more deals. We also now have double the engagement metrics on LinkedIn over our major competitor (despite their 148K more followers). That speaks to the quality of our messaging, and is something to be proud of.”
Jeremy Duvall
Founder & CEO of 7Factor

“Better positioned for sustained success.”

“Several years ago, I trusted a colleague’s recommendation that I invite the team behind Rootstock to join me for a pitch to a potential new client… even though I had never met them before the presentation. The smart perspective on brand growth, brand story, and strategic messaging that they brought to that meeting immediately earned the client’s trust and respect, and mine. Soon after, I asked them to help this then solo(ish) entrepreneur figure out his own brand’s voice, setting the stage for Classic City’s subsequent growth and success.
Now, when clients come to me for a new website when what they actually need first is a strategic plan for brand growth, I send them to Rootstock to plot their foundational brand narrative so they’re better positioned for sustained success. Classic City then builds a web presence and content marketing plan around the brilliant brand story Rootstock creates.”
Chris LaFay
CEO and Founder of Classic City Consulting

“I’m now a published, bestselling author.”

“Roostock’s guidance kept me calm, focused, and energized. And all of that amazing thinking has informed so much more, like high-value content for my agency, future speaking engagements, talk tracks, and new relationships.”
David Feldman
Founder & Director of 3 Owl

“A strategic, thoughtful approach to thought leadership”

“As a growing company working in the innovative fields of change, transformation, and the future of work, we knew that thought leadership was an essential part of our PR and communications tool box. And that we needed a partner we could trust to articulate, leverage, and promote our best ideas. The Rootstock team’s strategic, thoughtful approach to thought leadership helped us tell our Change Marketing™ story to the right audiences over and over, building awareness and driving brand growth as we notched major accomplishments, including doubling in size over a 12 month period and growing fast enough to make the prestigious Inc. 5000 list.”
Andrew Osterday
Partner & Chief Strategy Officer of LOCAL

“Thank you … for a transformative day!”

“Thank you, Rootstock team, for a transformative day! I know yesterday only scratched the surface of the benefit I’ll recognize for your collective expertise and incredible passion for understanding the person, what they know, what they believe, and their potential to impact change! I will continue to spend time with this amazing work for a long time.”
Eric Brown
Founder, Atley Brown

How Far Can

Your Best Thinking

Take Your Brand?