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Our Approach

Discovery - Strategy - Craft - Activation
At Rootstock, we ask questions. And listen to your answers. We build trust together. Then we identify your best ideas and plan how to promote and share them with the right audiences.

Are our principles aligned with yours?

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Story First

Exceptional storytelling drives better business. It helps define audiences, builds stronger relationships, and fosters growth in an impactful, but organic way — one that stands out in a world of increasing automation and anonymity.

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Dig Deep

Getting to the heart of the best stories (and how best to tell them) requires careful, intentional thinking. We won’t provide simplistic content stocked with easy answers or faddish ideas. Instead, we ask lots of questions, provide (sometimes challenging) insights, and probe beneath the surface to find the more enduring truths.

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People People

Some say you shouldn’t go into business with your friends, but we are set up for success because we are friends. The authenticity and collaboration we share together — the same long-term respect, prosperity, and kinship — is extended to and expected from our clients too.

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Drive Without Drama

We’re amiable people who take our work seriously. We know from experience that our unique combination of vulnerability and vision create an unrivaled alchemy of achievement — for ourselves and all those with whom we connect.

You know us.

Now we want to know you.