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Book Consulting

Elevate your brand, your thought leadership, and yourself — with your book.

A man flies out of the pages of a book, while holding an umbrella

Lots of people believe they have a book in them.

And the truth is, many do — but not many have the time, publishing industry knowledge, or writing expertise to actually do it.


That’s where Rootstock can help.


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As one of our premium offerings to elevate the brand growth and thought leadership positions of company founders and C-suite executives, we collaborate with you to outline, write, edit, publish, and promote your book. 

We can also consult with you to leverage this valuable new thought leadership asset to increase your company’s visibility, raise your rates, win new business, attract investors, promote you as a speaker, and elevate you as a subject matter expert in your field.

“Small By Design”

“Three years ago, when one of the Rootstock co-founders mentioned the idea of possibly writing a book in the future, I literally laughed out loud. It seemed so unattainable, the idea that I could write and publish a business book at this stage of my career.

With the support of Rootstock, I’m now a published, bestselling author. I am so proud of Small By Design and so much of this is thanks to their team. The numerous conversations we had forced me to think deeper, more clearly, and to really articulate my position on issues important to me and my thought leadership – crucial in helping me codify what I really wanted to say. The process was so smooth, fun, and insightful, and our regular meetings were reliably the highlights of my week. Rootstock’s guidance kept me calm, focused, and energized. And all of that amazing thinking has informed so much more, like high-value content for my agency, future speaking engagements, talk tracks, and new relationships. Thank you, Rootstock!”
David Feldman
author of WSJ and USA Today bestselling book, Small By Design: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Growing Big While Staying Small, and Founder/Director of 3 Owl

“Millicent Glenn’s Last Wish”

“Even four years after working in a writers’ workshop under Terra Elan McVoy’s instruction, I hear her sage wisdom echoing in my mind as I craft new books . . . She listens. She is empathetic, talented, and cares about writers and their success”
Tori Whitaker
Author of Millicent Glenn’s Last Wish and A Matter of Happiness


“How do you improve in any sport? You need a coach. A coach points out the things you are doing right and corrects what you are doing wrong then trains you how to make the change. How do you improve as a writer? You need a coach. Terra has not only been a great coach, she’s been a cheerleader too. She has a knack for explaining what I need to do and . . . helps me understand how to mold my story into something powerful and believable. I am super thankful to have found her.”
ML Davis
Author of Snatched

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What we do:

Phase 1

Concept and Strategy

During our first exploratory session, we’ll conduct a half-day workshop to learn more about your book idea and your goals. We’ll also educate you on the publishing process and determine the best path for you and your book, when it comes to self-publishing, hybrid publishing, or traditional publishing. Afterward, we’ll craft a synopsis of your book idea, an elevator pitch about it, and your author bio, all of which you can, if you choose, use to pitch your book to publishers on your own.

Phase 2

Produce, Publish, and Promote

After finalizing your book concept and strategy, we’ll propose a second scope of work to research, write, edit, polish, and publish your book. We’ll customize this plan to the publishing route you decide to take, the complexity of your content, and the promotional campaign you’d like to put behind your book. If you’re interested in doing more with your ideas (which we welcome), we’d love to discuss a comprehensive Rootstock thought leadership package, as well. NOTE: Because this is an elaborate process that involves substantial and sustained focused time, and highly specialized, expert talent, please note that we’re currently only taking on two book projects per year. And because what we do will provide incredible value for you as a thought leader, we price these premium projects accordingly.

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