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Overview of Offerings

From Acorn to Acquisition and Beyond, Lead Toward a Lasting Legacy

Your journey as a thought leader — just as your journey as a person — has several stages. And much like the emergence from acorn to oak tree, your thought leadership and brand growth begins as a seedling and then grows mightily into a stout forest.

At Rootstock, we use these understandings to shape our consultancy’s work with you, complete from seed to sprawling canopy, all the while preparing the ground for whatever legacy you’ll leave behind. 

We start with the Rootstock essentials, which will serve as your Seeds & Shoots. Your thought leadership position is the origin from which your growth strategy will germinate. Following that, your brand narrative and messaging guide, combined with a brand growth strategy, compose the trunk from which your other thought leadership endeavors will stem.

From there, the branches of your thought leadership can curve in many directions, from Growth & Cultivation, to Harvest & Propagation — any and all of which we’re ready and willing to help you nurture based on your strategic needs and personal goals.  

Learn more about what we’ve done with previous and current clients.

Reach out to us to begin planting.

Visual map of Rootstock offerings and packages for clients

Seeds & Shoots

A Precise Position, a Strategic Story, and a Plan That Puts Them to Work for You

When you’re ready, these three elements are the bedrock of your brand’s success, and will be the first we focus on in our work with you. Feel you already have these down? Wonderful! Send them to us during our earliest conversations, and as part of our discovery period. We’ll take a look and advise on next steps packages can take you to the next level of your leadership journey.

Radicle Report key image, a stylized seed sprouting, resembling a sailboat.

Radicle Report

(Your Thought Leadership Position) 

What is your best thinking?

At Rootstock, we understand that, in order to authentically connect with others to grow your brand, you need epic clarity on: 

  • What you believe 
  • What you know
  • What your vision is
  • And how to articulate it efficiently and effectively.
We also know that in order to get to those things, you need time, space, focus, encouragement, and a little help from some experts.

What We’ll Do Together
  • Discuss what makes someone a thought leader.
  • Learn the definition and brand growth value of a thought leadership position.
  • Explore and help you articulate your unique values and beliefs about your field.
  • Identify what you know must be done to move your field toward what you value.
  • Dream big together, and help you express your boldest vision of what your field could become, for the better of all.
  • Craft your Radicle Report; a compelling, strategic story with which you will inspire and lead your field toward your vision of a better way.
Learn more about our One- and Three-Day Radicle Report Retreats

The Furrows - Image of a field being prepared for harvest

The Furrows

(Your Brand Narrative & Messaging Guide)

What’s your brand’s story?

In order to tell your company’s story effectively, you need clarity and consistency in your brand narrative and messaging. It provides the bed from which everything else will flourish. 

To define that, we’ll spend time in early discovery to deep dive into your brand, and then crystallize the results of those conversations into a brand narrative and messaging guide you can use to shape and inform all of your content going forward.

Already feel you have this part down? Our team will analyze your materials, look for gaps, confirm any new updates, and wrap things up to get your strategy going. 

Take a look at our sample brand narrative and messaging guide.

The Trunk

(Your Thought Leadership Strategy)

What’s your strategy for growth?

Once your thought leadership position and brand narrative and messaging guides are in place, we’ll help you create an integrated, strategic plan to leverage your thought leadership position for brand growth. Everything in this strategic plan builds from and then supports your larger key messages. 

This early work together includes spending quality discovery time to ask critical questions and listen deeply, sharpening and clarifying your thinking. We’ll then shape it into the right content ecosystem to build meaningful connections. Again, if you feel you have this covered, our team will analyze your materials, look for gaps, confirm any new updates, and then work to codify a complete thought leadership and brand growth strategy.

Contact us to learn more about how we can strategize your growth.

Growth & Cultivation

From Root and Shoot to Trunk and Twig: How Will Your Brand Grow?

Packages are custom designed according to your Thought Leadership Strategy, and can be modified to add or subtract elements as we grow your brand. Because what we do will provide incredible value for you and your brand — and not every client has the same thought leadership requirements — we will price each engagement according to determined scope.

The Full Canopy

(Thought Leadership & Brand Growth Execution)

Executing the full ecosystem of your brand’s abundant growth.

Once your thought leadership position and strategy are firmly in place, you may need help executing your plans for maximum reach. The Rootstock team is composed of expert, high-value content writers, researchers, connection builders, and strategists available through both short- and long-term retainers scoped to widen the canopy of your thought leadership’s impact.

Contact us to learn more about how we can strategize your growth.


(Thought Leadership & Brand Growth Coaching)

Guidance as you grow.

As a way to ensure your thought leadership strategy is growing strong (and not getting choked by too many weeds), we provide a custom package involving a retainer of 4-8 hours of consultation a month, during which we will dedicate our time and collective talents to you and your thought leadership alone. 

Our team will check in with you on successes and challenges, answer questions big or small, provide guidance on everything from brainstorming content to constructing a new marketing team — all with the goal of making sure your thought leadership strategy and goals are on track and expertly executed.

Contact us directly to set up a conversation about how we can help.


(Book collaboration)


Become the one who wrote the book that elevates your field.

As one of our premium offerings built to elevate the brand growth and thought leadership positions of organization founders, CEOs, and other ambitious social and economic entrepreneurs, we’ll collaborate with you to outline, write, edit, publish, and promote your book. 

Upon or ahead of publication, we can also consult with you to leverage this valuable new thought leadership asset to increase your company’s visibility, raise your rates, win new business, attract investors, promote you as a speaker, and elevate you as a subject matter expert in your field.

Start the conversation about your book with us.


(Speaking Coaching)

Speak your mind: your audience, we’ll find.

If one of your goals is to share your thought leadership with the right audiences in the right way, Rootstock can help. We’ll use your Radicle Report and thought leadership strategy to help you define talking points, outline talks and presentations, and rehearse your talks with you from beginning to end.

If your needs go beyond message coaching, for a customized retainer fee we can also write your speeches, identify the best speaking platforms for you and your message, pitch you as a speaker, and design decks to elevate your speaking talents and confidence above its current horizon. 

Talk to us about your speaking needs.

Harvest & Propagation

The Bounty of Your Brand… and a Lasting Legacy Beyond

When you’re ready, these packages can take you to the next level of your leadership journey.


(Investment and Exit Strategy)

Harvest the abundance of your bountiful brand, and prepare to grow it elsewhere. 

Once you’ve leveraged your thought leadership to grow your brand, you may be ready to seek investors, pursue acquisition, or even sell outright. This package is designed to audit the strengths and gaps in your current brand and business strategy, and determine what’s needed to get you in shape for investment or acquisition. Then we’ll help you do the work to execute on those findings.

Tell us what you might need to prepare for acquisition or investment.

Pioneer Path

(Post-Exit Pivot Strategy with Rootstock)

Entrepreneur? Educator? Thought leader emeritus? Position yourself for what comes next.

You’ve established yourself as a thought leader, and successfully grown your brand to new heights. Now you’re at a multi-pronged crossroads, ready to explore new fields and opportunities, but aren’t sure exactly in which direction to head. 

This package is designed for those ready to consider their next big steps. We’ll walk you through where you are, where you’ve been, where you might go, and what seeds borne from the harvest of your hard work may be the most fruitful for you in the future. We’ll also explore how you can leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

How can we help you dream beyond those you’ve already manifested?

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