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From Strategy to Execution

Articulate your vision. Share it with results.

Brand growth takes exhaustive time, talent, and tenacity from both visionaries and executors. You deserve a unified combination dedicated to your brand's success — all in one place.

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What’s holding you back?

Brand growth has stalled. But not for lack of ideas.

Consistent marketing requires clear articulation of your vision, messaging that sets you apart, and a team prepared to share it regularly with targeted efficacy. We get why it may not have worked — yet.

Consistency is a challenge.
You have plans and goals, but billable client work overtakes your team’s priorities and capacity.

The juice hasn’t been worth the squeeze.
You’ve dabbled with strategy and messaging before, but scattered results haven’t justified the investment of either time or resources.

You want to get moving.
Rather than piecemealing a fractional team, you just want to get your story out there to the right audiences.

What got you here won’t get you there.
You started strong: leaning on your network, some basic marketing, and word-of-mouth referrals. But you’ve struggled to move beyond that and need more leads.


Tell us more.

Step One

Assessing Your Current State

In order to tell your company’s story effectively, we need to understand where you are today. We’ll deep dive into your brand status and goals, look for gaps, confirm new updates, and crystallize the results into deliverables you can use to implement impactful content going forward.

Step Two

Articulating Your Vision

Anything you do (social posts, website content, podcast, video series, book, editorial, blog, newsletter, speaking, case study, etc.) requires having your core thought leadership position and messaging in place first. Without it, you’ll frustrate and overextend yourself, your team, and your clients. ​

Step Three

Getting it Done

Executing your plans with maximum reach necessitates high-value content writers, researchers, connection builders, strategists, project managers, and metrics monitors — all dedicated solely to increasing your thought leadership’s impact.

Story. Strategy. Execution.
All in one team.

The Team

A Curated Workforce Dedicated to You

Partner & Lead Strategist

Ryan Klee

Founder and Lead Strategist at Rootstock, Ryan is a true believer in the powers of authentic connections, strategic storytelling, curiosity, and mutually beneficial collaborations. After graduating from the University of Florida with a BS in Telecommunications, Ryan honed his PR, marketing, and business strategy and development skills over nearly 15 years at some of Atlanta’s best marketing agencies and the world’s leading online boating marketplace. His extroverted nature, communications skills, natural inclination for collaboration, and desire to impact others meld into the perfect combination to help entrepreneurs and smart, ambitious organizations build and tell their stories in order to grow their businesses. Ryan lives in Decatur, GA.

Project Director & Strategist

Terra Elan McVoy

Rootstock’s Project Director and Strategist, Terra is a creative, problem-solving, process-oriented people-person who also has a knack for dynamic storytelling and wordsmithing. She uses her combined experience in project and team management, event programming, customer service, teaching, and professional writing and editing to develop strong teams and systems, create exceptional meetings and events, humanely troubleshoot challenges, and create winning content. The former manager of Little Shop of Stories, and former Program Director of the AJC Decatur Book Festival, Terra has a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from Florida State University, and an Honors BA in Creative Writing from St. Andrews University. She lives in Avondale Estates, GA with her sweetheart, Rob.

Lead Executor

Chris LaFay

Chris LaFay has been conducting connection and bringing heart to every interaction in his life sincwell, since always. Described by friends, colleagues, employees, and clients alike as “the best person,” he puts humans above to-dos. And taking care of other humans honed his skills in the minutiae that keep an orchestra humming: an eye on the time, finger on the pulse, and responsiveness and visibility with the musicians. He consistently brings the band back together, leveraging long-term relationships across a swathe of experience to empower career transitions, life event pivots, and, ultimately, an incredibly versatile, flexible, and creative team for his clients. He has owned his own business since 2006, and he sets an example for his teams in putting connection and heart first by curating his calendar to include guitar, international and domestic travel, family holidays, and industry conferences.

Your Vision, Articulated

The foundation for high-value content, tailored to your unique vision and audience to foster meaningful connections that fuel growth.

Our early work will ground the direction of your organization, clearly and quickly give your target audience strong reasons to choose you over your competitors, and ensure all brand content is uniformly aligned across all touchpoints.

Your Thought Leadership Position
Epic clarity on what you believe. What you know. What your vision is. And how to articulate it efficiently and effectively.

Your Brand Narrative & Messaging Guide
Clarity and consistency in your brand narrative and messaging that provides the foundation from which everything else flourishes.

A Content Ecosystem that Puts Them to Work
An integrated, strategic plan that leverages your thought leadership position and messaging guide in a content ecosystem designed to build on itself to widen your reach.

Share your vision with us.

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Your Vision, Executed

Once your thought leadership position and strategy are firmly in place, you need a team to execute your plans for maximum reach.

A customized team of digital marketing professionals to put your plan into action.

Content Generation
It all starts with a creative piece of content. Our goal is to define how many creative pieces need to be written each month and how the rest of your content strategy can be derived from those one or two pieces.

Marketing Email Management
We will help you craft unique campaigns for each of your target markets (and figure out ways to reduce the amount of brand new writing each month).

Social Media Management
It’s not just about your business profile – it’s about the platform you are giving to the leaders in your company. Let’s take the focus off of the standard “look at us” social media tactics and provide real value directly from your leaders.





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