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Rootstock is Here

Good things grow for a season underground: unseen, germinating in rich and quiet darkness, orienting their radicles, their roots and shoots, by the gentle grasp of gravity, by the distant draw of the sun.

Plants and trees… Love and inspiration… People and the places, the spaces in which they come together…

If you rush their growth, they never come out quite right. Instead they require persistent patience, engaged stillness, quiet curiosity, and time for wonder, awe, and play.

So it goes with ideas that change a life, a community, a world. So it goes with any dream new and worthy that we lift into the waking light.

Rootstock has been around for a few years now, quietly ruminating, preparing the soil, testing out our notions of how great thinking can be leveraged into leadership and growth. We were born as an informal collaboration among friends long before we had a name. In 2021, we became an agency. Sent out roots and shoots, searching for visionaries with bold ideas and cultivating their growth. As they grew, we did too.

Yet one can grow only so far, so long underground. Even mycelium and mycorrhizal networks — those unseen miracles that unite a forest from the trees — must eventually send up their mushroom caps, must reveal themselves through their support of the tallest trees.

And so it is time for Rootstock to reach up and show itself in the fullness of the light. We’re here. We’ve been here for some time, counseling our clients as we help them grow and shine. Our role in their success may frequently be hidden and easy to miss. Such is the nature of our work.

But no matter how quiet, how still, how oft unseen: we are here, stretching up to flourish in the sunshine, the fresh rain. We are here, and we’re glad you’re here too.

Let’s grow together.