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Radicle Report

One-Day Solo Intensive Retreat

Discover the Potential of Your Best Ideas

What: Rootstock Radicle Report Retreat

Where: Location TBD in Atlanta, GA (Example: Switchyards Downtown 151 Ted Turner Drive, Atlanta)

When: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM (Date TBD based on mutual availability.)

Cost:  $6,000

What to Expect:

  • Arrive independently, ready for a day of conversation and consultation with the Rootstock team.
  • Dedicate yourself to setting aside phones, tablets, and other work to concentrate on activities and conversations designed to articulate your thought leadership position.  
  • Keep an open mind, be honest with yourself, let us know what you need to be comfortable (food requirements, physical accommodations, etc.), and be prepared to have some fun while doing deep thinking.
  • Soon after your retreat, you’ll receive your Radicle Report, a strategic articulation of your thought leadership position and strategy, crafted by the veteran strategists of Rootstock.
  • Leverage your Radicle Report to grow your brand, rooted in the rich ground of your best ideas.

We’re looking forward to digging deeply into what makes you unique as a thought leader, and helping you cultivate and nurture your personal, impactful position.

Man walks along a dry strip of sand between two parted seas.

Dedicate a Day

Unleash the Power of Your Best Thinking

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What We’ll Do Together

  • Discuss what makes someone a thought leader.
  • Learn the definition and brand growth value of a thought leadership position.
  • Explore and help you articulate your unique knowledge, values and beliefs about your field.
  • Identify what you envision must be done to move your field toward what you value.
  • Dream big together then help you express your boldest vision of what your field could become, for the better of all.
  • Craft the compelling, strategic story with which you will inspire and lead your field toward your vision of a better way.

“Thank you … for a transformative day!”

“Thank you, Rootstock team, for a transformative day! I know yesterday only scratched the surface of the benefit I’ll recognize for your collective expertise and incredible passion for understanding the person, what they know, what they believe, and their potential to impact change! I will continue to spend time with this amazing work for a long time.”
Eric Brown
Co-Founder & CEO of Blood Sweat & Tears

“Phenomenal to work with. ”

“Rootstock has been the heart and soul of getting 7Factor to where we are today. They are phenomenal to work with.”
Sarah Dant
Director of Client Services of 7Factor Software

“Effortlessly combine industry expertise with creative thinking.”

“Working with Rootstock has been nothing short of exceptional. As thought leadership consultants, they embody the perfect blend of professionalism, expansive knowledge, efficiency, and humor that sets them apart in their field. They bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, effortlessly combining industry expertise with creative thinking. Their ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear and engaging manner has been invaluable to our projects. If you’re looking to up your game, choose Rootstock.”
Aidan Bennett
CEO of Noiseless Marketing

Payment and Terms

  • 50% ($3,000) deposit due upon registration to reserve your intensive. Full amount due no later than one week prior to scheduled intensive.
  • If you cancel more than one week prior to your scheduled intensive, you will receive a refund of 50% of your deposit ($1,500).
  • If you cancel one week or less prior to your intensive, you will forfeit your deposit ($3,000) but receive a refund of any additional payment you have made at the time of cancellation.

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Where Will Your

Thought Leadership Position

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