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Harvest & Propagation

The Bounty of Your Brand… and a Lasting Legacy Beyond

When you’re ready for new abundance, these packages can take you to the next level of your leadership journey.

Your brand, growing elsewhere.

Transplanting (Investment and Exit Strategy)

Once you’ve leveraged your thought leadership to grow your brand, you may be ready to seek investors, pursue acquisition, or even sell outright.

This package is designed to audit the strengths and gaps in your current brand and business strategy, and determine what’s needed to get you in shape for investment or acquisition. Then we’ll help you do the work to execute on those findings.

Position yourself for what comes next.

Pioneer Path (Post-Exit Pivot Strategy)

You’ve established yourself as a thought leader, and successfully grown your brand to new heights. Now you’re at a multi-pronged crossroads, ready to explore new fields and opportunities, but aren’t sure exactly in which direction to head.

This package is designed for those ready to consider their next big steps. We’ll walk you through where you are, where you’ve been, where you might go, and what seeds borne from the harvest of your hard work may be the most fruitful for you in the future. We’ll also explore how you can leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Ready to

Grow Your Brand?