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Bonfire in a Box: How to Ignite & Grow Your Brand With Thought Leadership.

We teamed up with B2B podcast production firm, Ringmaster, for a webinar in which we discussed why building a thought leadership position is essential before starting a podcast (or any other content), and explored the through-line between thought leadership storytelling and reaching business goals, by way of a conversational podcast.​

Here’s the narrative of this fun, insightful chat with Ringmaster Founder & CEO, Casey Cheshire:

  • You’re a subject matter expert looking to make the jump to being a true thought leader. You want to make stronger connections with bigger and better audiences in a way that not only grows your brand but improves your field for everyone’s benefit.
  • You have a spark you want to use to ignite your growth. That spark? It’s your best thinking: the combination of your unique skills, knowledge, values, personal experience and perspective.
  • What’s stopped you from turning this spark into a real fire isn’t a lack of intelligence; it’s a lack of clarity on your ideas, and not being able to articulate either it or your ultimate vision as a whole.
  • As a result, your marketing efforts have stalled, and other business requirements are absorbing the most energy. Brand growth has maybe stagnated, or is even in danger of becoming extinguished.
  • What you need now is to lay some important strategic storytelling groundwork that will not only get your fire truly burning, but warming and delighting both yourself and others as long as you want.
  • Why? Because, we know, as an aspiring thought leader, anything you do (podcast, video series, book, editorial, blog, newsletter, speaking, case studies, etc.) has a higher chance of failing when you don’t have your core thought leadership position and strategy in place. Without it you don’t have the right kind of fuel to turn your spark into a fire that will keep burning. When it goes out, frustration builds, or you overextend yourself trying to do EVERYthing to keep it lit.
  • Podcasts — but really anything: social media, events, website content, case studies, etc. — need to be continual, meaning sustained content. Knowing your position will ground you in what new content to generate, guests to invite, etc. and keep you from spinning your wheels on content that doesn’t align with your core message (waste of time and resources) and doesn’t light you up (burnout).
  • But once you’ve addressed that, things can really catch fire and continually burn. Plus, you can return to it again and again as you brainstorm for the future — perhaps even lighting other fires elsewhere. There are just some basics you need to do first.
Ringmaster + Rootstock “Bonfire in a Box: How to Ignite and Grow Your Brand With Thought Leadership” (webinar)

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